Blossom Veil Arbor

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Blossom Veil Arbor



The Blossom Veil Arbor is a 9-feet tall white wooden arch, featuring back-draped curtains and a front display of lush greenery and blush roses, creating an elegant and captivating focal point for any event.

The Blossom Veil Arbor is a celebration of natural elegance and understated sophistication. Standing at an impressive 9 feet tall, this arch is handcrafted from high-quality white wood, ensuring a sturdy structure that resonates with grace and style.

In an innovative design twist, the back of the arch is adorned with delicate curtains, offering a soft, dreamy backdrop that subtly complements the solidity of the wooden frame. These light, free-flowing curtains lend a touch of romance and whimsy to the arch, gently fluttering in the breeze to create a dynamic visual spectacle.

The front of the Blossom Veil Arbor, however, is the true show-stopper. Adorned with lush greenery and blush roses, it offers a stunning contrast against the pristine white wood. The blush roses, with their delicate petals and gentle color, offer a hint of feminine charm, while the verdant greenery adds a burst of life and vibrancy to the design.

The Blossom Veil Arbor is not just a decor piece; it’s a statement. With its eye-catching height and uniquely elegant design, it serves as a spectacular focal point for weddings, garden parties, and other special events. It provides the perfect setting for unforgettable photographs, as well as a beautiful space for guests to mingle and celebrate under.

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