Whispering Elegance: The Ethereal White Wedding Floral Arch

Dreamy Ivory Whispers

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Dreamy Ivory Whispers


Ethereal Ivory Dreams Floral Arch: Embrace the enchantment of ivory roses, cream peonies, delicate orchids, and subtle terracotta accents, adorned with delicate pampas grass to create a dreamy and unforgettable ambiance for your special event.


  • Timeless Ivory Roses, Cream Peonies, and Delicate Orchids
  • Subtle Terracotta Accents for Warmth and Intrigue
  • Delicate Pampas Grass for an Ethereal and Whimsical Touch
  • 7 feet Arch on gold metal frame
  • Versatile Design to Complement Various Themes
  • Sustainable with High-Quality Silk Florals
  • Expert Craftsmanship for Flawless Detail
  • Seamless Setup and Delivery for a Stress-Free Experience

Note*** Colors may vary due to floral availability. Setup, Delivery and Teardown in the Columbus Ohio and close surroundings are included in the price.

Transform your event into an enchanting wonderland with the Ethereal Ivory Dreams Floral Arch, where timeless elegance and sustainability unite.



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