Violet Veil Arch


Violet Veil Arch


Violet Veil Arch

The “Violet Veil Arch” stands as a regal centerpiece for any wedding, blending the rustic charm of a wooden heptagonal frame with the elegant drapery of violet fabric. Adorned with symmetrical floral arrangements in varying shades of purple, this 7-foot-tall arch invites guests into a realm of enchantment and romance. Perfect for couples seeking to add a touch of royal sophistication to their nuptials, the Violet Veil Arch is a gateway to a lifetime of memories

Violet Veil Arch

Description: The “Violet Veil Arch” embodies an enchanting blend of natural elegance and sophisticated design. Crafted from robust wood into a unique heptagonal shape, this 7-foot-tall archway makes a grand statement. It features a captivating violet drapery that cascades gracefully, creating an atmosphere of romantic serenity. Flanking both sides of the arch, the floral arrangements burst with various shades of purple, from delicate lilacs to deep plums, intertwined with fresh greenery. This stunning arch serves as a magical entryway to your event, inviting guests into a world where elegance meets nature.


  • Heptagonal shape for a distinctive geometric appeal.
  • Crafted from high-quality, durable wood for a rustic yet elegant feel.
  • Stands 7 feet tall, providing a grand and photogenic focal point.
  • Adorned with aesthetically arranged side florals, featuring seasonal blooms in a violet palette.
  • Draped with a luxurious violet fabric that complements the natural wood structure.

Why Choose the “Violet Veil Arch”:

  • Create an unforgettable ceremonial centerpiece that stands out with its height and unique shape.
  • Set the stage for a romantic and photogenic backdrop for vows, pictures, and memorable entrances.
  • Embrace the sustainability of a rental arch that contributes to eco-friendly event planning.
  • Enjoy the convenience of a full-service experience with delivery, setup, and removal included.

Color Palette Suitability:

  • Harmonizes with a color scheme of jewel tones, highlighting amethysts, sapphires, and emerald greens.
  • Perfectly complements pastel palettes for a softer, springtime or summer ambiance.
  • Ideal for adding a touch of color to neutral themes with whites, creams, and greys.

Ideal Wedding Themes:

  • “Enchanted Garden” for a whimsical outdoor setting amid flowers and natural beauty.
  • “Royal Affair” to evoke the opulence and grandeur fit for a queen and king.
  • “Vintage Romance” where the wooden structure and classic violet tones hark back to a time of timeless elegance.
  • “Modern Fairytale” for couples looking for that contemporary twist on classic storybook elements.

The “Violet Veil Arch” isn’t just a piece of decor; it’s a statement piece that will shape the atmosphere of your wedding and remain a talking point for guests long after the day has passed.

Violet Veil Arch
Violet Veil Arch



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