Whispering Elegance Floral Column

Whispering Elegance Floral Column

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Whispering Elegance Floral Column


Celebrate your love with the Whispering Elegance Floral Column, the epitome of eco-friendly and luxurious decor for micro weddings in Columbus, Ohio. Our artisanal floristry offers affordable elegance, with premium silk floral arches designed to enchant. Make your intimate wedding unforgettable with Columbus Ohio’s finest wedding arches

Product Description: Introducing the Whispering Elegance Floral Column, a vision of sophistication and grace for your intimate wedding or micro wedding setting. Each column stands as a testament to love, crafted with the utmost care, featuring creamy white roses, delicate baby’s breath, and soft touches of greenery. The columns create an ethereal corridor, guiding you to the moment where two hearts become one. Perfect for those seeking to captivate their guests with a symbol of pure and enduring love, these floral columns transform any space into a romantic haven. The subtle play of light and shadow through the blooms adds a tranquil ambiance to your ceremony, ensuring that your special day is nothing short of magical.

Features in Bullet Points:

  • Intimate Design: Ideal for micro-weddings, offering a subtle yet stunning visual impact.
  • Floral Selection: A classic arrangement of white roses, baby’s breath, and seasonal foliage.
  • Visual Harmony: Designed to create a serene and intimate atmosphere for small wedding settings.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Each column is handcrafted with attention to detail and design.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies.
  • Stability: a sturdy base to ensure that the columns remain elegant and poised throughout the event.
  • Light Interplay: Strategically placed to enhance the natural lighting of the venue.
  • Customizable: Available for customization to suit your unique wedding theme and color palette.
  • Setup, delivery, and installation: We deliver, pick up, set up, and install so you can focus on your special day.


Whispering Elegance Floral Column
Whispering Elegance Floral Column


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